Syneika Ban 2


Syneika® offers ergonomic and accurate solutions in order to individualize neuromodulation treatments.

Syneika® proposes a unique solution to give access to anyone to individualize neuromodulation therapy :

  • Improve Patient's Quality of Life

Precise targeting of the target site improves the therapeutic efficiency of the TMS on treatment-resistant depression.

  • Improve Productivity of medical team

​Through fully automated data preparation and a user-friendly guided workflow.

  • Improve Time-to-treat

​Treat your patients as soon as you get his individual MRI data.

Syneika® designed Syneika One, a neuronavigator that guides the action of the doctor, with an unequaled simplicity.

  • SYN1_201206_plaq 300x450 Syneika ONE

    Neuronavigateur pour la TMS

  • Stimulateur TMS PowerMAG 300x450 PowerMAG

    Stimulateur TMS